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Counterfeit Oilily Sellers

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Aren't You *Curious* To Know Who is Selling Fake Oilily?

They are offering "Oilily" merchandise for $5.00 (a girls t-shirt) -$9.50 (a velvet dress)  per item!
FeiXiang Trade Co., Ltd.
188 Wenxian Road Beimo DevelopmentZone,Chengxiang District,Putian Fujian China Putian Fujian China
86 - 0592 - 2626888

Monica International Trading Co
5552 XITANG ROAD Guangzhou Guangdong China
86 - 020 - 31527480

Kangkai International Trading Co
186 katai road Guangzhou Guangdong China

Guangzhou BEST Trade Co.,Lmt.
pingsha road baiyun distict guangzhou Guangzhou Guangdong China
Putian Trade 2080 Co. Ltd
Qufu Road, Putian City, Fujian Province, China 351100 Putian Fujian 351100 China
GuangZhou Huasheng Fashion&Apparel CO.,LTD
No.34 Qile Garden Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China Guangzhou Guangdong 510260 China

madisons*money*box - This seller likes to call her fake Oilily merchandise "Oilily Inspired"!
coripaige - We informed this ebay seller that her pants were fake. We told her that fake merchandise was not allowed on ebay and that she needed to remove the listing. She did not.
Fake "Oilily" Shoes

Wow, we were able to get, to ADMIT that they are selling counterfeit Oilily merchandise! Please view our conversation HERE. - Why not send them an email to let them know how angry you are about them selling fake Oilily & ripping off cutomers who may be Oilily newbies?
Thank you Kimberly!

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Unfortunately, Oilily is now being counterfeited. Fortunately, I have never been unpleasantly surprised with any fake merchandise - it is pretty obvious, what is fake and what it not. Please EMAIL ME  to report sellers & websites that have sold you fake Oilily or that you know sell fake Oilily. Here are some great sites on how to spot the fake items:

(313) 850-9286

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