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The Tickittyboo Stories

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Part One
I am a "BOOMA" and I'm one of the many BOOMA's who swim across to the island of Tickittyboo. I collect nectar from the flowers in TICK-TOWN to make juice to survive.

KITTY-VILLAGE is a place where I get my food. Giant rocks which look like cats guard openings in the ground. This is where Tickittyboo trees grow. All kinds of snacks and fruit hang from these trees in peculiar shapes.

BOO-LAND is a scary place for BOOMAS. Enter at your own risk!! The most famous of all BOOMAS has some very interesting stories to tell about BOO-LAND. To be continued...

AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR YOU: When in BOO-LAND I drop flowers into the river which then turn into stars. These "glow in the dark." Some where hidden inside your garment you might find one? LOOK CAREFULLY & TRY TO FIND IT!

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