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designerkidsapparel responds

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designerkidsapparel writes:
It has come to my attention that you have listed my business name on your website as a fake Oilily site on eBay.
If I sold any Oilily fake merchandise, it was not intentional of doing so. I am now in the process of talking to the distributor that sold me the Oilily product. All of my other products come from a different distributor and I know is authentic.
Remove my Corporation Business Name from your website, DESIGNER KIDS APPAREL; AND if you have email any of my customers defaming my business STOP.
This is my ONLY WARNING. I have customers that have given to me email addresses and the email itself.  Next step will be legal action from my attorney if this doesn't stop.
Brenda M Leigh
Designer Kids Inc.
Brands for a Bargain

LaClairedelune Responds:
Hi Brenda,
You are selling counterfeit Oilily merchandise. I have NEVER emailed any of your customers. They have emailed me after they have received their merchandise. They are very upset and rightfully so. Counterfeit merchandise is VERY illegal, not to speak of against ebay rules. I know 2 distributors of counterfeit Oilily merchandise and I will be happy to forward their information on to you upon request. Chances are, you do business with one of them.
I absolutely, positively, will not remove your name from my list. You have sold counterfeit merchandise. This is very wrong and illegal. You need to be stopped. Are you familiar with Oilily? Are you a fan? Have you ever purchased it for your children? Do you know the story of the Oilily business? How long have you been buying Oilily? Oilily is a wonderful brand with a unique and respectful background. Their designs are exquisite and the designers spend a lot of time and put a lot of effort into designing their pieces. Oilily even has pieces in several museums in Europe.
The counterfeit Oilily trade is totally disrespecting the entire Oilily brand name. There are many new Oilily fans here in the US. They are drawn to your cheap prices - as well as other sellers - not knowing that what they are buying is a cheap imitation of the genuine article. This is wrong, mean & highly ILLEGAL.
Brenda, I had a nice chat with Paul Lechlinski, president of Oilily USA, yesterday afternoon. He commended me on my work in trying to educate customers about the fake Oilily trade.
I will not stop helping the buyers who are victims of your scam. I will not (and never have) contact the poor ebayers who are bidding on your auctions. However, if they decide to come to me, I will help them as much as I possibly can.
Take Care,

A Buyer realizes that what she has purchased from designerkidsapparel is fake. She emails designerkidsapparel in concern and here is their response:
Hi ********* just want to pass along some information that you can pass along. WARNING some of my customers are telling me some ebay sellers have sent emails to my customers that are degrading my business. STOP, this is my only warning. The wrong buttons are being pushed. Pass this on to your reputable seller. Thanking you in advance! I hope this stops because I am a person just like you trying to make a living on eBay selling genuine items.

More emails from designerkidsapparel regarding their counterfeit goods:
If you are not satisfied with this garment and believe it is not authentic, I will give you a complete refund plus shipping charges to return it back to me. What gives you the idea it is not authentic. I would like to know this for my information.BUT you remember one thing, Designer Kids backs all their merchandise. Let me know. THANKS!

More Emails. After this email was sent to a buyer, Brenda continued to sell fake Oilily. So much for "contacting her distributor!":

Hi, just keep the dress and I will return your full refund. I had an Oilily dress I had on auction yesterday and pull it for a flaw that I had just noticed. But I will refund to Paypal including your shipping. And I certainly will be contacting the distributor that sold me these dresses but that is another issue. Have a great day. Brenda Leigh/ Designer Kids Apparel

NOTE: Brenda HAS issued at least several refunds that we know of. Thanks?!

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