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We have not heard from this seller. But here is what her response has been with other ebayers.
UPDATE: We have been in contact with this seller. Please view her responses below.

Ebayer, "Ariel" writes us about her communication with mali-ka:
"I received a full credit card refund from mali-ka, I paid for shipping for the return."
"One of the shirts I bought from mali-ka had a tag that said, "101CM size 4-5'.  When she asked why I wanted to return the items, I told her Oilily doesn't make clothes in that size and it was a blatant fake.  She didn't dispute it, just refunded me with no comment!!"

We informed this seller that her merchandise is indeed, fake.
malik-ha responds:
No I'm not aware of that. According to the person I purchased these pieces through they were real. I will have to take it up with them. If there is a problem I will no longer buy these. It's not my intention to sell anything that is not authentic. Thank you for your inquiry.
LaClairedelune writes:
Good Afternoon,

Thank you for your response. Counterfeit merchandise is illegal and against ebay's selling policies.

I, myself, was approached by one of the distributors of the Oilily counterfeit merchandise. Would you like their information? I hope that you will take down the fake items ASAP - at least until you know for sure that they are fake. If you would like to know how to differentiate between the fakes and the real thing, just let me know.

Take Care,


malik-ha responds:

Yes, could I have their information.

The information was sent to this seller. Only time will tell whether or not she does take down her auctions. We will keep you updated!



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